Award-winning Caribbean Sauces Delivered

Over 30 years of experience lovingly available to use at home


Made in Wales, Inspired by the Caribbean

Earl's Kitchen sauces, seasonings and marinades will change your view of Caribbean cuisine.

We want to make sure that you experience the true taste of the Caribbean and take you on a journey beyond street food.

Made in small batches, with local ingredients.

We tried the Barbados sauce and it was so good. It's spicy in the best way where it doesn't overwhelm the other well balanced flavours. I cant wait to try more of their range.

Dani Colston

Delicious sauces, I love the peppercorn and rum sauce and the scotch bonnet chilli chutney is superb. Can’t wait to buy more!

Bethan Shepherd

So pleased to have discovered this business. Delicious sauces and condiments.

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